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Pearl Chin, Principal Consultant

Dr. Pearl Chin has over 10 years experience in consulting for and managing businesses and not-for-profit organizations.  She is an efficiency expert identifying and overcoming barriers to successful businesses and organizations.   She has worked with hundreds of small businesses from as simple as writing and fixing business plans and setting up and registering your business or nonprofit to marketing strategy and financial and business management to addressing leadership and governance problems.  She has worked with and advised existing and startup small businesses ranging from investment firms, commercial real estate developers, restaurants, law firms, accountants, doctors, retail, fashion, public relations, internet social networking, media and entertainment, and education providers.  She has lead, managed and worked with businesses and organizations ranging from under $250,000 to $4 B per year with 1 to 50+ employees.  She has also experience working with government agencies, academic institutions, and community based nonprofits and their programs and has held Executive Director, Interim Executive Director, Director of Finance and Administration, CFO/COO and other senior program director and management roles.

As a business efficiency expert, skilled at operations, financial, organizational and project and process management and analysis, she can visualize how all the pieces of your business and organization should fit together and identify misalignments causing loss of effectiveness.  She has seen most business problems are just variations of existing business problems that are neither sector nor industry specific, but are all interrelated.  In the past, she was an operations and supply chain management consultant with Pittiglio Rabin Todd & McGrath (now part of PriceWaterhouseCoopers) working with large corporate client projects such as Bayer AG and Gillette.

She is solutions-driven, results-oriented, and no-nonsense, with a common sense balanced by holistic approach, and when necessary, backed by comprehensive financial analyses. She optimizes business and organizational processes and successfully manages crisis situations, turnarounds, and distressed projects to success. She has written articles on diverse topics such as technology business management and investment, nonprofit board governance,  management, education, etc. and is a regularly invited conference and business panel speaker.  She has a gift for collecting, keeping track and processing a lot of diverse information and making sense of all kinds of data to match reality.  She can help you find causes of and develop solutions to your problems for immediate results.  She has successfully turned around several crisis situations in both staff and consultant roles.

Dr. Chin has an MBA and was Commencement Marshall from Johnson School of Graduate Management at Cornell University, who is trained in and committed to objective problem solving and continuous process improvement.  She graduated as a chemical engineer from The Cooper Union and with PhD in materials science from the University of Delaware. She is balanced by professional nonprofit activities and management training as a United Way Executive Fellow and has managed several nonprofits.  She is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Public Affairs for Baruch College, City University of NY with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship. She has completed stints with Colgate Palmolive, American Cyanmid, NIST, and TA Instruments.  She has also held a Series 7 license and is certified by The National Development Council as an Economic Development Finance Professional having worked on independent research, businesses and real estate economic development valuation and analysis projects for investors.

She is Board Treasurer of Episcopal Relief & Development on Administration & Finance, Program, and Strategic Planning Committees and an active member of Trinity Church Wall Street at St. Paul's Chapel where she is a Congregation Council member, Council Treasurer and member of the Vestry Nominating Committee.  At Trinity Church, she is also a volunteer small business consultant and science and math tutor. She has a passion for education, particularly math and science education in our schools and also tutors in these subjects.  She is a founding board member of a startup nonprofit, Transitioning Into Society.  She was also former Community Board #3 member for 3 years and was Co-Chair of Economic Development Committee and a member of the State Liquor Authority Committee approving liquor license and sidewalk cafe applications.  Dr. Chin is also a certified Economic Development Finance Professional by the National Development Council. She is a U.S. citizen, born and raised in Manhattan so a native New Yorker, and appreciates all the cultural and gastronomic diversity New York City has to offer.
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